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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

On Vulnerability

In the midst of the Jews for Jesus campaign this summer come the blogs and interviews decrying how the staff of Jews for Jesus "preys" on the "vulnerable."

Now, exactly who are these "vulnerable" people?

Well, to hear some tell about it, it includes these groups that, it is implied, can't seem to think for themselves:
1. Senior citizens
2. Immigrants
3. College students
4. Those without an Orthodox Jewish education

Does anyone else think that this is an insult to older people, those from other countries, those in college, and the vast majority of Jews?

Perhaps the objectors would be satisfied if Jews for Jesus restricted their efforts to American-born, yeshiva-educated males of exactly 45 years old. They, of course, are not "vulnerable," right? Then, again, see this article on vulnerability.


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