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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Oh, the Horror!

We came upon this latest contribution to civic discourse: New Subway Ads Will Make You Wish You'd Been Stabbed Instead. Says that web page:

It's hard enough to take the subways these days, what with the incessant heat, summer odors, and random risk of being attacked by power tools, but those of you unfortunate enough to need to transfer between the A/C/E and 1/2/3 lines at 42nd Street will be subjected to a whole new assault: the ministrations of Jews for Jesus.

Here are the ads in question:

Apparently, stating -- hinting, really, the posters do no more than that -- that Jews can be for Jesus and that Jesus is for Jews constitutes a fate worse than humidity, urban smells and death itself.

From what we've seen so far, the main objection to this kind of thing is not that some people happen to believe in Jesus or in Jews or in Jews who are for Jesus or in Jesus being for Jews ... but that the Jews for Jesus are trying to tell others what they should believe.

I hereby call for a ban on all restaurant reviews, movie critics, editorials, opinion-makers of all stripes, and all advertising. Also the film "An Inconvenient Truth." That one is especially bothersome because it suggests something might be true, and also that other people besides Al Gore should believe it. Debate clubs should also be outlawed.

Imagine. Trying to convince people about things. Oh, the horror! Oh, the humanity!


  • At 9:10 PM, Blogger George P. Bakalov said…

    This is hillarious! You are so right on...these days folks are so biased against the truth of God, it's not even funny. I suppose it would take a major shake up for some of these folks to realize that hey, we can put up posterd like these or similar and THAT'S JUST ALRIGHT!

    I'm thinking of the song Jesus is still alright with me :)

  • At 9:16 PM, Blogger George P. Bakalov said…

    I'm rolling...the photo of this guy...totally insane...great blog


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